Heat Recovery


Heat Recovery - Outdoor Unit

VRF outdoor unit with a nominal cooling capacity of 22.4 kW.

Technical Specifications

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General Data

Nominal cooling capacity kW 22.4
Nominal heating capacity kW 25
Exterior Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 1690 x 1350 x 720
Net Weight kg 252
Sound Pressure Level (Cooling/Heating) dB(A) 57/57
Number of connectable indoor units 20
Capacity connection 50-200

Elecrical Data

Power Source   3 Phase 380-415V, 50Hz
Power consumption Cooling kW 5.9
Power consumption Heating kW 5.9
Operating Current Cooling A 9.1-8.3
Operating Current Heating A 9.2-8.4


Piping Size - Liquid line Ø mm 9.52 (3/8")
Piping Size - Suction Gas line Ø mm 19.05 (3/4 ")
Piping Size - Discharge Gas line Ø mm 15.88 (5/8 ")

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