Q-ton: Efficient technology for enhanced performance

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Q-ton heat pump provides 12,000 litres of hot water a day to run effectively at the Lancaster Hall Hotel in London. The hotel caters for 250 people on a daily basis therefore they are heavily dependent on a reliable hot water supply.

In order to make sure Lancaster Hall Hotel can accommodate sanitary hot water efficiently for all their customers; two Q-ton units are connected to two 2,000-litre hot water storage tanks to supply hot water whenever required.

As with all Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ products, sustainability has always been a top priority and the Q-ton heat pump delivers outstanding performance and environmental benefits to a varied number of applications such as hospitals, restaurants, leisure centres, apartment blocks and many more.

The system uses a coil of cold refrigerant that absorbs 'free' heat from the outside air, and a 2-stage compressor, which then puts the refrigerant under high pressure in order to raise the temperature. 

Since installing the Q-ton system, The Lancaster Hall Hotel has saved up to 40% in running costs and now emits to 45% less carbon emissions compared to using a conventional gas boiler.

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