Design and specification of Variable Refrigeration Flow (VRF) air conditioning systems takes another big step forward with the launch of a new generation software tool from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air conditioning Europe (MHIAE). The new version of MHIAE’s highly successful E-Solution software includes specification details of the latest KXZ VRF systems. It is available free to air conditioning engineers – simply click the button below to download and install software from this website and to receive future updates automatically.
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The latest version of E-Solution builds on the popularity of earlier releases – system design used to be a complex business, but E-Solution simplifies the process enabling the engineer to select the most cost-effective and energy efficient mix of indoor and outdoor units, pipework and controls.

E-Solution screenshotE-solution now includes the full details for KXZ and KX6. The software is updated on a regular basis to keep pace with pipe lengths and other aspects which may change as part of our continual product development programme. Engineers must register on-line to ensure they are automatically sent updates as they become available.

Furthermore the KX4 details are availabe to view only on the latest software but will not be possible to edit.

Developed to cater for the design of two and three-pipe systems, the latest version of E-Solution from MHIAE specifies appropriate models and sizes and produces a full list of materials. It also generates wiring diagrams and engineering drawings which can be exported to AutoCAD or saved in PDF format. It's flexibility enables engineers to print selected design information and comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals for presentation to clients. Engineers can also incorporate design information into their own formats and documents for personalised presentations.

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