• Split Systems

    An air conditioning split system is a highly efficient system for cooling or heating air in a domestic or small commercial building. MoreMore >

    Split Systems
  • VRF Systems
    VRF Systems

    Our new KXZ VRF system delivers high peformance cooling and heating for all commercial applications with a compact system offering the highest level of design flexibility. MoreMore >

  • Heat Pumps
    Heat Pumps

    A heat pump is a highly efficient appliance for heating water for use in bathrooms and kitchens, in central heating or in industrial processes. MoreMore >

  • Chillers

    A chiller is a highly efficient appliance for chilling water for use in industrial processes or in chilled air handling and air duct distribution. MoreMore >

  • Controllers & Accessories
    Controllers & Accessories

    We provide local access and remote access controllers for your system, as well as additional accessories. MoreMore >


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MHIAE offers high-efficiency systems for cooling and heating air and water in residential, commercial and industrial applications. As a reputable engineering company with vast expertise and experience, we are fully equipped to meet all your HVAC needs.

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